What Our Customers Say…

Dear Old World Plumbing,

I’d like you to know that the plumbers that came out to perform the sewer drain line repair at my home in Northlake were VERY professional and were a joy to work with. I deal with numerous service companies and I wish more of them would conduct their business like you do.

I say this because I manage a 400 unit property in Elmhurst and often times I am disappointed with the average contractor.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Chris Kasang Jr. – Northlake

I am writing to thank two of your employees, specifically Kimberly and Jeremy.  They both did a fantastic job of exceeding expectations and providing great customer service.  

Kimberly was fantastic in that she was able to get Jeremy to come out to my house to fix a leaking water tank in a very quick fashion.  I specifically requested Jeremy and while he was not available for several days, she was able to successfully navigate the schedule to ensure that he would come out to do the work.  She knew how important it was for me to have Jeremy do the work as I had previously used him to fix some things in the past.  I was minutes away from hiring another company to do the work but then Kimberly called me back after having made Jeremy available to do the work.

Jeremy, as usual, was the consummate professional.  He not only does the work in a professional and efficient manner, his customer service skills are nothing short of amazing.  He is able to explain otherwise difficult plumbing issues in a understandable and discernible way so that a layman can understand the issues.  He kept the work area clean and did a tremendous amount of work in a quick manner.  He was even able to convince me to do some plumbing work (serial vs. parallel) that I did not necessarily want to do because of the added cost but knew in the long term it was better for the longevity of the water tanks.  He truly is the best plumber in the industry.

Professionals like Jeremy and Kimberly are the reasons why I keep returning to Old World Plumbing for all my plumbing needs.  I know I can rely on them to get all my plumbing problems fixed.  They represent the company very well and should be commended for doing a great job. Keep up the great work.

Paul – Batavia 

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how impressed I was with Jeremy.  He was very professional, knew his stuff, and made sure I understood what was going on at all times.  He made sure I inspected what he had done and even instructed me on the purpose and use of various valves on my piping.  You definitely won me over as a repeat customer.

Eric – St. Charles 

Old World Plumbing, you guys ROCK!!!  This is my second venture with your company for my plumbing needs, and Tim was just an awesome person to work with.  Awesome attitude and most of all he really took pride in his work.  For all my plumbing needs, you guys are my number 1 call!  Thanks for the awesome job.  You guys should not only pride yourselves in the work you do but in the customer satisfaction that you all display.  Thank you again…

Will – North Aurora

Just HAD to let you know how wonderful I think your company is, based upon a service call this morning with your tech, Jeremy.

My basement started flooding overnight and I called your office at 8:30 am when I got to work.  Given that the area was in the midst of epic flooding, I could not believe that your company called me back in about 2 hours, letting me know that a tech was on the way to my house.

Jeremy was exceptionally nice and clearly knows  his business.  My sump pump had failed, causing the flooding.  He replaced it with my pump of choice, answered all my questions and was gone in about an hour.  What a nice guy!

I can’t thank you enough, Old World, for your incredibly speedy and efficient service.  We still have a lot of cleaning ahead of us, but at least no more flooding.  I’ve been in my house over 25 years, and have always had trouble finding a reliable plumber.  Suffice to say, you are now my go-to guys for anything leaking, dripping or plugged up!  I also told several of my neighbors about your great service, so brace yourselves for more calls from Geneva East!  Thanks again.

Michelle – Geneva IL

I’d like to compliment one of your employees, John Batten, for the excellent plumbing service he provided for me last week. Mr. Batten assisted me in sorting out issues with a major leak impacting my water meter, and resulted in very high water bills.

I have always been pleased with the service I receive with Old World Plumbing. However, Mr. Batten’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly, truly exceeded my expectations.

Within a few minutes, he was able to verify the source of the leak, change the necessary parts and educate me on future maintenance of my water system.

Such a commitment to great plumbing service is to be commended for Mr. John Batten. You can be sure that I will continue to use Old World Plumbing for my future plumbing needs for years to come!

Thank you again Old World Plumbing and Mr. Batten for such excellent service!

Sharon – Woodridge IL

“Your plumber, Jeremy, had to unfortunately come to our house at Midnight on Christmas Eve to fix a clogged toilet. He was so kind and so nice. He had a smile on his face the entire time and never once showed any sign that he was annoyed to have to be working on Christmas Eve. We always seem to have plumbing problems on holidays and your guys ALWAYS show up  with the best attitude and do a GREAT job! Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

Sue – Batavia, IL 

To whom it may concern:

“When I was interested in a tankless water heater installation, I called the manufacturers local distributor. He gave me a few names to call and Old World was by far the most responsive and the best informed. I have used them on two occasions now and I think their motto pretty much says it all. Highly recommended without any hesitation.”

Tim – Wheaton, IL 

“What can I say, you did a fantastic job! I can’t thank you enough, I called your office on Monday, and they scheduled an appointment for me the very next morning.

You were professional, confident and have a great sense of humor, and helping someone laugh in a stressful situation is an art!

It was stressful for me not knowing why my ceiling was leaking and your promptness and your ability to approach the problem one thing at a time brought me peace of mind and confidence that when I returned home, my bathroom would be back in use.

Thank you so much. I will recommend you to any family member, friend or neighbor that needs a plumber, you are the best!”

Candy L. Hanslik – Elgin, IL 

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job Jeremy and Derek did during the horrendous rainstorms we had about a month ago. Our sump pump decided it would be a good day to stop working and we had water pouring into our finished basement, these two young men got there an hour and a half earlier than promised and fixed the problem within just a short period of time. Not only did they replace the old sump pump but they took the time to explain to me about the quality and options of sump pumps I had. I actually understood what was being done down there for the first time. I can’t say enough about how courteous and caring they seemed during the disaster we were having.

In addition, yesterday you sent a young man out (I apologize I did not get his name) to look over the back-up sump situation, he offered us a couple of different solutions, taking the time to speak to me on the phone while I was at work.

If (or when) we having plumbing problems in the future your company will be the first we contact. ”

Thank you for your time,
Elizabeth C. Stewart – Wayne IL 

“I just wanted to say a very very very sincere thank you for redoing all the plumbing at Club Benton (my house) and for being such a big part of Zach’s surprise for me! I cannot even tell you how surprised and happy it made me! I mean, I cried I was that happy and shocked! I feel like a rich person now that everything is working! I have an ice maker, even!

Everything is working so great and looks wonderful. I am just so very thankful for Zach and for you and the other guys who helped you. Thank you so very much, Jeremy. It was just an amazing surprise!”

Jacki – Aurora, IL 

“I know you wont be insulted that I thank you each time I flush the toilets! I really like them and thank you for suggesting them. They are so quiet when re-filing. The height is good too. ”

Thanks again,
Rita Hogan – Naperville, IL 

“I would like to express my complete satisfaction with Jeremy, your plumber. He is a very professional and pleasant person. Whenever I would need a plumber, I will definitely call your company and I will also recommend your company to other people.”

Thank you very much,
Rudy Vrchota – Downers Grove IL 

“We are especially pleased with the two that have come to our house for service, first, Joel and then Jeremy. Both were gentlemen, professionals, empathetic to our situation, knowledgeable to the problem, thorough and quick to remedy the problems.” “Thank You! We won’t hesitate to call again if we have a problem!”

Sue Xander – West Chicago IL 

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Jeremy, Joel and Corey for the fine work they did in that nasty crawl space at my house in Glen Ellyn. It’s so nice to have hot water running throughout the entire house now.” “For your expertise, I say “Thank You”. Rest assured that you will remain at the top of my referral list if anyone should ask for a plumber.”

Tim Drechsel – Glen Ellyn IL 

“I am a real estate investor and own multiple properties. I have used Old World plumbing for several years and they have now become my exclusive vendor for personal and professional plumbing needs. They have proven themselves to be fairly and consistently priced. They have backed their work fully, and operated with the utmost integrity. I give them my highest recommendation.”

David Zinn – Carol Stream IL 

“My family and I have been very pleased with the service, attention to detail, consideration, and advice provided by the team at Old World Plumbing. We have used them on five different occasions. Each time they performed in a timely, neat and professional manner.”

Bryant Taylor – Warrenville, IL 

“As a business owner myself, I understand great service at a fair price. After having several issues with a less than 5 year old house, I was not ready to pay for plumbing service. When I found out that the problem was a cheap garbage disposal that was sending too much junk down my pipes I was none too happy. Your rodding and replacing the disposal was necessary and I was impressed with how fast you did it and how clean you kept the kitchen. But it was the recommendation of the enzyme treatment that told me you are not here just to sell me services but really cared about my home and how I could prevent this in the future. I recommend you to everyone I know because I was treated fair and with respect!”

Thanks much,
Brian Basilico – Aurora, IL 

“I just wanted to say how very impressed I was with Chris.  He was friendly and very professional.  He was very patient with all of my questions and concerns about what was going on in my home with the plumbing problem I was having.  I will definitely pass your company name on to anyone that needs this type of service.  Thank you so much again… you have a wonderful team working with you.”

Lisa Wetzel – St. Charles, IL 

“My wife and I live in Georgia but own a rental house in Aurora. On the day that our tenants performed their final walk through, they were surprised to find water gushing out of the refrigerator. It had obviously been leaking from the water filter for a couple of days because the main level flooring was ruined and the basement had more than an inch of water.

Jeremy Shouse and his crew at OWP responded to my cry for help and had a service technician at the house in just about an hour. Their quick response and accurate assessment saved me and my insurance company
thousands of dollars in additional repairs. They referred me to a reputable cleanup crew and they were networked with other contractors to help me get emergency taken care of quickly allowing our tenants to move in on their scheduled date.

Jeremy, you guys are literally a God-send. Thanks so much.”

Gene & Paula Duckett – Lawrenceville, GA. 

Derek, Jeremy, and the rest of the Old World Plumbing staff,

“I just wanted to say thank you again for the professional job you all did on my home. I truly appreciate all of your hard work!

This experience was a bit of a challenge for us but you were patient and understanding throughout the entire process. I am thrilled that I found such knowledgeable and conscientious people to get this job done for us.”

Thanks Again!
Pat Kolodziej – South Elgin, IL

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of duty assisting with the plumbing “tragedies” at my rental property in Winfield. I feel like you were on my team and once again, it’s great to be associated with you!
You took care of me at a time when, in fact, time was truly of the essence. You definitely helped me finalize the sale of that property. Without your extraordinary service and professionalism, I hate to think what the result might have been.

I can only say a heartfelt thank you for al that you, and your staff, have done for me.
If I can every be of assistance to you in any way, please never hesitate calling!”

Best Regards,
Elite Mortgage Group, Inc. – Wheaton, IL 

“I received your company’s name by referral from Jeff Malas of Spectrum Restoration. My intention was to call and schedule a consultation to see if my sump pump & back up pump were adequate for the amount of water we have coming in. (We live across from a pond and the house is built into a water table. The water stops 7” from the basement floor. Our sump pump runs 24/7. ) However, my plans fell through.

On Friday, April 25th, I went down to the basement and heard something “not-quite-right” with the sump pump. I checked, and it was stuck in the “on” mode. This was not so much a problem, as we always have water coming in, and it wasn’t sucking air, yet. However, I know it was close to a burnout, and with storms coming, I did not want a failure. At 5:15pm, I called the plumber who installed our sump pump. He does not have after-hour’s service. It was then that I remembered the referral from Jeff and called your number.

At first, the gentleman on the phone tried to walk me through a couple of things, but the pumped stayed stuck. He said he would send someone over. It just so happened that Paul was on his way home when he got the call to come and check out everything. He turned his car around and came straight to my house. Paul was very courteous. He examined the situation, showed me what had happened, and told me what needed to be done. We had to replace the pump. He showed me the options and then made a recommendation. He explained why he chose the product he did, and did not force a decision to a more expensive item. He then looked at our back-up pump and explained that it was not adequate for the amount of water we had coming in. We knew that, and although it had worked for several years prior, we knew its usefulness was coming to an end. Paul again, explained all of our options and made a suggestion. We went with his choice. He added another pipe, so the water from the back-up pump would go to a different place than the primary pump water. It was added safety feature. He stayed for over three hours.

We were very pleased with the quality of products and service offered by your company and technician. In an emergency, there is plenty of room to take advantage of someone. However, your company did not do that, and the explanations and time that Paul took with my husband and me was greatly appreciated.
I thank you again for your service and will pass the referral forward. ”

Kristen Beth Offenbecher – North Aurora, IL