Battery Back Up Sump Pump Systems

StormPro Deluxe Primary and Battery Back Up
Sump Pump System

  • Back-up Unit Runs on Either AC or DC Power
  • Works as both a primary and battery back-up system
  • Comes Complete with Two Heavy Duty 1/3 HP, 115 V, StormPro Sump Pumps
  • Genesis Controller monitors all pump activity, including pump
  • running current, pump trending and much more.
  • Built-in alarm and LCD display alerts of potential failures before they occur, optional dialer will call up to nine phone numbers
  • Uses Maintenance Free AGM Batteries
  • UL/CSA Listing Ensures Reliability

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Optional Dialer

  • Connect your Ion Genesis to our available phone dialer for notification of an emergency via any combination of telephones, cellular phones and pagers
  • Dialer will call up to nine different numbers using your pre-programmed, 40 second emergency message
  • Dialer will override an occupied line for an emergency call
  • Power failure alarm alerts you to a power outage

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StormPro Battery Back Up Dual Sump Pump System

  • The StormPro back-up system utilizes a reliable heavy duty 1/3HP 115V AC sump pump, unlike most systems that rely on small plastic bilge-type DC pumps.
  • Fully automatic, converts 12V battery power into standard 120V electricity to run the 1/3HP StormPro sump pump when the power is out. Runs off of standard 115V electricity when the power is on, avoiding unnecessary battery drain.
  • The 1/3 HP 115V StormPro sump pump supplied with the system is extremely efficient, only drawing 4.5 amps providing a longer run time while pumping more water than most 1/2HP pumps.
  • Capable of using deep cycle maintenance free AGM batteries that perform better and last twice as long as the standard type.
  • Two indicator lights tell you the status of the system at all times.
  • Protective non-corrosive electronics enclosure and battery case.

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NexPump® Ai system:

  • Auto Notification System
  • Automatic Self-Testing
  • Operates on Electricity
  • 12V Battery Back-up
  • Dual High Capacity Pumps
  • Dual Independent Sensors
  • Up to 5600 GPH*
  • 20-AMP Charger
  • Primary/Back-up Modes
  • Battery Life Monitor
  • Plumbing Alert System
  • Pump Hour Tracking
  • User Friendly Display
  • Audible Alarm
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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Alternate Pumping Cycles Of Two Sump Pumps With An Ion Genesis Dual Float Controller

Doubles Your Protection And Maximizes Pump Life

  • Programmable Controller keeps user in control of all operations
  • Dual Level Sensors Digitally communicate with Controller
  • Microprocessor Computer Technology Controls Pumping
  • Smart Pump Sensing Technology replaces mechanical operations
  • For both simplex and duplex pump applications
  • Optional dialer available to connect remote alarm contacts

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BSP45 24-Volt Cast-Iron
Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

  • 48 gallons per minute @ 5’ of lift
  • 40 gallons per minute @ 10’ of lift
  • High Performance 24-Volt Pump
  • Top Suction Design Filters Debris and Minimizes Clogging
  • Floating Wear Ring and Impeller to Reduce Potential Clogging
  • Professional Grade Battery Charger Keeps Batteries Fully
  • Charged
  • Alarm System Lets Homeowner Know Back-Up System is Active
  • Vertical Float Switch
  • 8’, SJTW Power Cord
  • Requires (2) 12-Volt Batteries (not included)

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